Resize Pilot Trial 1.0

Resize Pilot Trial 1.0

Resize Pilot can resize your images without loosing the image quality
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Resize Pilot is a wonderful tool that helps you resizing your images without loosing the picture quality. Resize Pilot uses a unique algorithm for image enlarging that maintain the smoothness and clarity of the image. If you may resize, especially stretch the image more than its original resolution, you will see that the image quality becomes poor because number of image pixels per display pixels are increased. Resize Pilot starts working here, Resize Pilot applies smoothness to the zoomed image and get you the best resized photos. Zoomed preview for the original image and the processed image make sure that the user get the desired results. You can use preset zooms like 50, 100, 150 and so on or use the zoom in/out buttons to resize an image up to desired resolution.

Resize Pilot can save any processed image as jpg, bmp, tif or png for further use. Trial version of Pilot leaves watermark on every image processed. Fast resizing and user friendly interface makes this software a must have image optimizer.

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  • Resize any image in single click without quality loss
  • Save processed image as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
  • Easy to use


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